Replace your laces with elastic no tie shoelaces, so you can get the exact tension you need without untied shoes restricting your path. 

Completely customized feel with a completely customized look.

  • custom no tie laces speed laces

    Riplaces is not a one size fits all, yet we are a unique solution for all!

  • Each set of Riplaces arrives with 5 different size bungees to get the perfect fit

  • Customize everything from the core, to the bungees and even add a photo image to your unique set

Innovative lacing system

Hit the track, trail, triathlon or pavement knowing you can trust your laces to stay in place, in exact tension level at each eyelet. Used by pro triathletes world wide.

Do what you do, only better.

See how simple it is to get setup with your new Riplaces as soon as they arrive

Revolutionary no tie shoelaces, custom fit to you

Look no further for the solution to keep your shoes on your feet, so you can compete at the top of your game