$ 7.49
$ 7.49

The bungee and core combo makes up our innovative no tie shoelace system.  The Bungees come in five different sizes, with 12 Bungees for each size, so you get a total of 60 Bungees to provide the custom fit you select at each eyelet. The core holds the bungee in place at each eyelet and allows you to choose custom colors. So make your own cool combination of bungees and cores. 


  • 5 sizes
  • 12 of each size 
  • 60 bungees total

 Don't forget to pick out some Riplaces Core to go with them.

Returns & Refunds Policy

Yes, if you are completely unsatisfied with our product, the product can be fully refunded. Also, provide in an email on why you did not find Riplaces satisfying. We want to make our product great for all, so any feedback will help us improve our product.

Exchange Policy

Yes, if the color did not match or you decide on a different style we will happily exchange the product once it is sent back.

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