Laurie Lynch, Collegiate Cheerleader Divsion 1 Champion

Riplaces are the best things ever invented. I am a cheerleader at the University of Central Arkansas so I am constantly putting my shoes on for practice. Putting Riplaces on my cheer shoes was the best thing I could have done! It saves a lot of time before practice and I never have to stop to tie my shoes. My shoes always stay on and are always tight. Riplaces are very durable. I've only ever taken them off of my shoes to change the colors! Last year my team wore Riplaces at the collegiate national championship in Daytona, Florida and we won! It was the first time we wore Riplaces and it was the first time our team has won in over 10 years, so obviously there's a connection there! :) I also wear Riplaces on my running shoes. The same pair has been on my shoes for about a year now and I have had no problems! I love them! My shoes stay tight! I'm always in a hurry so just slipping my shoes on and not having to tie them is awesome! I love Riplaces and I really will wear them on my shoes for the rest of my life