I just wanted to say,"THANK YOU" for your wonderful Riplace product.  I recently attended the Augusta, GA 70.3 IronMan event to watch my son-in-law and while I was there I visited your booth.  I was very interested in your product because I have Inclusion-Body Myositis (IBM) - a muscle disease that has greatly weakened my grip strength.  I mentioned the fact that I had the disease and told the sales person (a very kind lady dressed in Pink - I apologize, I did not get her name). and that I would think about buying.  She asked me to wait as she prepared a package containing the cores and bungees.  She told me to try the product and let you know what I thought.

Your product is fantastic.  I am 65 years old but still enjoy wearing jogging type shoes.  I am able to tie the shoes but I cannot pull the strings as tightly as I would like.  Riplace solves my problem.  I added them to my favorite pair of shoes and I love the results.  I have ordered two more sets for other shoes and I plan to be a customer for a long, long time.  I wanted to that your sales person for her consideration and thank you for a great product.

I would be honored to be listed in your testimonials if you see fit but please do not use my full name - PB would be fine.  Thanks again!